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Letter: Changing the name of Powell River

Reconciliation needs to come from the heart

By definition, the word reconciliation includes forgiveness and moving forward in harmony [“Council chooses committee members to discuss possible name change for Powell River,” July 16].

No amount of material acts will change the past. No amount of financial retribution, land restoration treaties or name-changing designated areas can, or should, atone for what has happened in the past.

Reconciliation needs to come from the heart.

It is now time to move forward. To change the name of Powell River will not change the past. It will not help anyone forget the past.

Changing the name of Powell River will incur a huge deficit in an already embattled municipal budget. Through meetings, discussions and petitions, our whole community needs to be involved in making this decision to change the city’s name.

Such a municipal expenditure needs to be put to a referendum. Every citizen should have an opportunity to voice an opinion.

The referendum itself will be expensive. But certainly, everyone will have an opportunity to participate.

Let’s all work toward a new kind of reconciliation, one that embraces enthusiasm, hope and positivity for our future. 

Vivian Thickett, Gabriola Crescent
Powell River