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Letter: Fire hall situation in Powell River is absurd

"...this was an utmost priority that was tabled time and time again."
Powell River City Hall.

The new fire hall should have been built 20 years ago [“City of Powell River not proceeding with new fire hall,” September 19].

The facts are noted in the archives of municipal council that this was an utmost priority that was tabled time and time again. It is completely absurd that this situation has arisen due to complacency and misdirected importance of the basic needs of the City of Powell River.

Take a look at the previous Cranberry fire hall. That building could have been utilized as the main fire hall for the city, with an assessment of the cost to bring it up to standard, instead of selling the building to School District 47.

At least we would have a structure that would not completely collapse in a seismic event that could happen at any time.

Mayor and Council, figure it out. We’re out of time.

Glenn Holstine,
Michigan Avenue

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