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Letter: Possible name change strategy is one of tortuous fatigue

Going to three open house meetings is all I can take. ~ Paul McMahon

City of Powell River’s name change process was initiated in June 2021. The Joint Working Group (JWG ) was formed in November 2021.

In March 2022, a survey for public input was conducted. In April 2022 we had four open houses (one online) and two walking tour sessions [“Working group for possible Powell River name change plans public engagement sessions,” April 6].

In May we will have two open mic roundtables, and two one-on-one conversions with the Human Library.

The JWG strategy is one of tortuous fatigue. If survey figures and/or April open house turnouts were effectively persuasive in favour of a name change, then all this torment would be over.

The JWG now must stall to negate any possibility of a referendum and municipal election backlash. Refusal to release public-provided data from the survey, ignoring numerous requests for a referendum, undefined audience (how does the JWG gauge the position of city residents from that of qathet Region District and Tla’amin Nation?).

Why participate further? Individual comments are not changing the minds of the JWG or city council’s; they have embarked on an undefined process and that’s the way it’s going to be.

This is a blatant erosion of democratic rights. Carry on with the engagement/educational sessions but indicate now that a referendum will be set for October.

Going to three open house meetings is all I can take.

Paul McMahon,
Invermere Court