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Letters to the Editor: June 11, 2014

Regional district OCP? With these warmer days and longer evenings our dreams, gardens, and backyard projects germinate.

Regional district OCP?

With these warmer days and longer evenings our dreams, gardens, and backyard projects germinate. I would encourage anyone with a seed of an idea to read this letter prior to watering or your dreams may turn into someone else’s nightmare.

I have lived at the bottom of Lang Bay Road since the 1990s with my partner and two sons, both who were born in this old house. For 50 years this home was post office and store, the hub of the community prior the highway coming through in the 1950s. We have tried to maintain its uniqueness and although it has many quirks, crooked floors and single-paned windows, it is home and we love it. My sons are both home-schooled so most of our time is spent in the kitchen, gardens, and small woodworking shop in which we create.

We have always felt safe in our home and unaffected by the actions of others until a panhandle-type lot was created along our borders. A three-bay, two-storey shop with a suite upstairs has been built one metre from property boundary. Only four metres from my door, this building has effectively blocked any view and 28 out of 40 windows in my kitchen will never see direct sun again.

We can no longer sit in our living-room in privacy as a new suite looks down upon us and a backhoe is parked so close that we can smell it even when it is not running.

I commend Powell River Regional District for not becoming too over-regulated as indeed “The best government is that which governs the least.” I also realize that just because something is deemed legal or illegal does not mean it is ethical or considerate [“Quarry quandry,” May 28].

To all residents planning projects, please consider looking over your fence prior to building as it would be a shame to have great walls between us all.

Rodger Ripley

Lang Bay Road

RCMP shine

Often the attitude of a country or a region is reflected in the local gendarmerie [“Police target high-risk driving,” May 16].

As a tourist from the United States, I am almost stunned at how helpful and genuine your RCMP have been in the few times we’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Recently while hiking a nearby mountain I was back later than expected and they drove up a rough road to find me. They were sincerely happy to see me walking down safely.

This is a sharp contrast to the States, where park rangers now carry guns and a similar attitude. Our Coast Guard, which used to be helpful, now suspects every boat of carrying contraband and once boarded a pleasure boat I was on—while they carried machine guns.

Another pleasant encounter locally occurred when I asked directions and an RCMP officer was so helpful I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had offered to drive me to my destination.

My hat is off to your Powell River RCMP for their kindness and welcoming spirit.

David John