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Letters to the Editor: November 30, 2011

What’s in a nickname? Quite a lot, to many of us.

What’s in a nickname?

Quite a lot, to many of us. That’s why some of us like the idea of calling our city Powell Riviera, since riviera’s meaning as a coastal region popular with tourists describes our area in summer very well [“Candidates outline election platforms,” November 9]. Some folk like the assonance of River City, although it’s a better fit for a city with a river winding through it. Powtown has a great ring to it, truculent and exuberant, not Cowtown (that’s Calgary) but a place that kowtows to nobody.

I personally would like to suggest something a little more Mediterranean and euphonious. How about Po-Po Rio? It’s fun to say, and works well in a song or as a story setting. Perhaps, too, it would enhance our area’s friendly summer riviera cachet. In winter those few of us who remain could quietly give it some less insouciant tag, but having it as our year-round letterhead would, I’m sure, attract interesting and fun-loving spendthrifts to our shores.

The origin of the simple yet catchy name Po-Po Rio was born out of an appreciation for the poor, poor hardworking little river for which our city is named. Once a pristine stream which spilled gladly down its course, it has for the last brief period of its long history been damned to servitude, its happy descent to the sea imprisoned in penstocks, its estuary co-opted from its earlier uses, and the wealth of its watershed meted out to drive the wheels of prosperity.

Not without the greatest esteem for the sagacious Dr. Israel W. Powell and for the many wonderful people who have nurtured our city, but with an honest desire to lighten our sometimes rather serious self-image, and begging the forbearance of the less frivolous among us, I offer for your consideration: Po-Po Rio.

Ted Crossley

Hammond Street

Support for mailbox location

In response to your article [“Atrevida residents oppose mailbox location,” November 23], this driver has another point of view on the controversy of the relocation of mailboxes from Atrevida Road to Gifford Road. Atrevida residents aren’t the only ones served at this new location.

To clarify the statement “no view,” Gifford meets a straight stretch of Highway 101, offering a clear unobstructed view of traffic approaching from either direction.

Speed and topography are my concern for the Atrevida site. Southbound traffic, ending a long downhill ride, meets a short level stretch of 101 before another incline. Generous though the shoulder may be at the mailbox location, entering or exiting the location, with limited view, requires extreme caution. Again, I mention speed. This is not a highway where the speed limit is observed. As the volume of traffic increases each year, so will the concern for safe highway entry and exit.

The real objection to Gifford Road is, I believe, the limited turning space at the boxes. But it is doable. It’s Crown land so perhaps some improvement could be made.

I both walk and drive, admittedly the latter only in heavy rain, to my mailbox. The residents on Gifford Road, as well as those of us living along the highway, can now walk to them. Walk at night? This is bear country with the occasional cougar visit, as is Atrevida. I doubt anyone goes walking at night.

For the lady who has difficulty turning her vehicle on Gifford at the mailbox site, a turntable could be installed, automatically turning the vehicle for her. For further convenience, an automated compartment door, remote-controlled, could have a mechanical arm extend holding the mail—no need to get out of the car. Ministry of highways could install a stop light on 101 stopping traffic as to allow a completely safe re-entry.

Seriously, neither site is perfect. However, Canada Post’s decision to have off-highway placement of community mailboxes is both wise and safe. Gifford Road is a good choice.

We are all human. We don’t like change, but change happens. That’s life.

Grace Boyle

Highway 101

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