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Poll: Nearly 69 per cent of qathet region respondents support domestic vaccine passport program

'There are consequences if you don't' get vaccinated, says BC health minister.

The Peak polled 634 readers and asked the question: Should BC implement a domestic vaccine passport program?

BC health minister Adrian Dix recently said: “You’re not obliged to get vaccinated in BC or anywhere else in Canada, but there are consequences if you don’t.”

The poll ran from 8/7/2021 to 8/17/2021. Of the 634 votes, we can determine that 280 are from within the qathet community. The full results are as follows:

Yes 69.40 % total, 68.93 % local    
No 30.60 % total, 31.07 % local    
  Local   Total

This result provides for a 95% confidence level +/- 3.8% margin of error in the local community.

The Peak uses a variety of techniques to capture data, detect and prevent fraudulent votes, detect and prevent robots, and filter out non-local and duplicate votes.