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460 Realty Powell River agents combine wellness with real estate

Unique approach of ‘putting the soul in sold’
460 Realty agents Lisa Bartello [left] and Rachelle Gura.

Lisa Bartello and Rachelle Gura, real estate agents with 460 Realty Powell River, are friends who met in telecom in the early 2000s in Toronto. Now, after an epic road trip driving each of their Jeeps across the country, they work in wellness and real estate.

“We worked in the same building years ago,” says Bartello. “I was looking for a yoga studio offering classes in the park and landed in Rachelle’s class, and we reconnected; our friendship and subsequent move seems like destiny.”

Gura was a project manager with Bell Canada and decided to embark on a new path in 2005 with a strong spiritual calling. She spent 15 years teaching and training yoga, pilates and specializing in myofascial movement aiding injury healing.

Once the pandemic hit, it was no longer an option for Gura to have group classes.

“Teaching in person and having that human connection is paramount for me,” explains Gura. “With things shutting down, I wanted to add a career where I could continue to interact with people.”

After helping Bartello paint and move some furniture to prepare for a new listing, Gura decided to get her real estate licence. Since her father was an award-winning Winnipeg developer, real estate made perfect sense.

A real estate and wellness project prompted them to pack their belongings and drive across the country to begin their new journey.

“I’m so happy to be here,” says Gura. “This city is amazing, and I love the people.”

Bartello echoes the sentiment: “The sunsets are so breathtaking, and those views make it even more amazing working with clients buying and selling homes.”

Gura’s strengths draw from helping people manage their stress through movement, breath and calm demeanour. She says she’s great at listening and provides peaceful energy.

“I was just at a house, and there’s a certain area of the backyard you can’t build on, so if someone’s in love with the house I ensure all the details are examined,” says Gura. “Strong people skills, combined with my project management skills, helps ensure things don’t slip through the cracks.”

Both Bartello and Gura genuinely care about clients.

“We love what we do, and are passionate about health and wellness, including both people and real estate. We want our clients to feel the love and provide the very best experience selling or buying a home.”

Bartello spent 13 years with Bell Canada in product and marketing management, including wireless health and real estate portfolios, then 17 years in the competitive Toronto real estate market. She also became a best-selling author and feature real estate columnist. In tandem health issues led her to expand her traditional Chinese, Energy, Eclectic, Intuitive and Functional medicine training followed by miraculous healing.

Bartello adds that almost all of her business has been from referrals.

“I truly believe that real estate is the best investment, especially when life takes unexpected turns,” she says. “Many clients became lifelong friends as I saw them through life events including both the triumphs and hardships. The past three years have taught us to reprioritize future living.”

Real estate and friendship go hand in hand, says Gura.

“We’re not just here for a single real estate transaction,” she adds. “We want to support families through it all.”

Bartello thinks moving is one of the most stressful things next to having children.

“There’s nothing I haven’t done to help a client,” says Bartello. “I’ve dropped off donations, painted, packed, cleaned, organized, inspired, motivated; you name it.”

Bartello and Gura agree co-marketing and a strong online presence, where the majority of clients begin their searches, provides increased exposure, which is another value add they offer.

“Preparing homes for sale, client showings and moving are demanding, especially with young children. Our role is to help make life easier. Sometimes that may just consist of a reminder to take a breath, and remember the soul is in control.”

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