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460 Realty Powell River realtor advocates for open communication

Austyn MacKinnon highlights importance of wide-ranging resources and strong industry network
Austyn MacKinnon, 460 Realty Powell River.

460 Realty Powell River real estate professional Austyn MacKinnon shares her perspective on the essential tools and skills needed to navigate today's real estate market, emphasizing the importance of good communication and having an extensive network of resources.

“The ability to provide clear, honest communication to clients is vital,” says MacKinnon. “Home buying and selling is a complex journey that involves navigating the priorities of individual family members, tackling difficult questions, and maintaining professionalism throughout.”

Earning clients’ trust while still asking things people may not want to deal with is key to getting the results they want, she adds.

“In a market that may not be ideal, we're always thinking about our client's best interest, and how to get things done effectively without violating the many regulations that govern our roles.”

MacKinnon recently experienced a situation where two unrelated sellers shared a home. Both wanted to sell for different reasons, making it essential to balance respect for their privacy while acquiring enough knowledge to serve their interests effectively. Through excellent communication and asking the right questions, she was able to find a solution that worked for both parties.

On another occasion, MacKinnon used her communication skills with the seller's agent to prevent potential misunderstandings and complications.

“Constant communication with them throughout the negotiating process is key,” she says, “especially if there are multiple offers and lots of details to be dealt with.”

A good realtor isn’t just a salesperson, but also a reliable guide and a community resource, explains MacKinnon. They should demonstrate a commitment to communication and transparency, she adds.

“Beyond great communication, a realtor must also have a wide range of resources and know when to leverage them,” says MacKinnon. “This includes not hesitating to reach out for the expertise of lawyers or mortgage brokers directly.

“We have to get creative, timelines have to be met, and you have to be on top of many deadlines. It might feel like you're bugging people, but you have to get it done because, ultimately, we're liable.”

Furthermore, she underscores the significance of building and maintaining connections, noting that once reliable resources are found, it's important to value and appreciate them, fostering a reciprocally beneficial relationship.

MacKinnon says resourcefulness and attention to detail in aspects such as contract wording can help protect the buyer or seller, as well as show the other party involved that she is thorough, thoughtful and detail-oriented.

To find a realtor with good communication skills, she recommends checking a realtor's website and how they present themselves, or even having an initial meeting with them before a showing.

“I had a client from out of town, and we went for coffee because she wanted to get to know me, how I work, my values and how I handle different situations,” she says. “This helped us both establish trust in each other.”

To prospective buyers and sellers, MacKinnon has some advice.

“Never be afraid to ask a question. Say no if you want to say no. Don't ever feel like you have to just be polite or find something out on your own.”

MacKinnon can be contacted by phone at 778.986.1691 or by email at [email protected]. Her website is