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Collective Interiors celebrates one year

Family-run business invites residents to open house at Marine Avenue location
FAMILY BUSINESS: Kate and Matthew Crockett, along with their son, will be celebrating Collective Interiors’ first anniversary on Saturday, November 5, between 10 am and 6 pm at 4493-B Marine Avenue.

The family behind Collective Interiors is hosting its first anniversary party this Saturday, November 5, inviting customers to check out a thoughtfully curated selection of home décor, textiles and housewares designed to help make a house feel like home. 

Behind the elegant home finishings, and the cheeky Instagram captions, is owner Kate Crockett.

“The long and the short of it is that this is something I’ve always hoped to do; it’s always been at the back of my mind,” explains Kate. “In elementary school, I was always repainting my room and moving my furniture around; I was lucky to have had a mom who always encouraged that creative side of me. I grew up watching TLC [The Learning Channel], Trading Spaces and While You Were Out; I lived for those television shows.”

Many moons ago in 2010, Kate went to school for interior decorating and apprenticed under a designer on the lower Sunshine Coast for a couple of years before getting into the flooring industry. 

She says it just never felt like the right time to open a home décor shop. Then, in December of 2020, she went on maternity leave from her job as general manager at a local flooring company. 

“Being on maternity leave made me think about the life I wanted to create for myself and my family,” she adds. “With the support of my husband, Matthew, that dream is now our reality. He is currently a mariner who works away for four weeks at a time, and without his sacrifice, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

“Matthew came across this space that was available and things just started to fall into place, with a lot of hard work.”

Matthew and Kate renovated the space that is now known as Collective Interiors at 4493-B Marine Avenue, at the corner of Marine and Courtenay Street in Powell River, one year ago.

This labour of love has been a part of her family since day one. It’s where her husband spent countless hours gutting and renovating, and it’s where their son, Gavin, learned how to walk.

“It feels quite surreal to finally be at this chapter in our lives and have the freedom to be like, this is ours; we brought this dream to life,” says Kate. “Helping people bring warmth and comfort to their homes is what I love to do. The significance of how your surroundings affect your daily life and well-being is no joke, and although some might just see an area rug or a pillow, if it sparks joy, that energy will be felt in your space.”

Party time

To celebrate their first birthday, the Crockett’s are encouraging customers to stop by between 10 am and 6 pm for discounts and door prizes. 

To kick off the party, lower Sunshine Coasters Club Tropicana Candles will hand-pour their beautifully scented candles on site. Anyone who has previously purchased Club Tropicana candles can bring their empty and clean vessel to be refilled at a discount or choose their scent and vessel in-store to create their own candle.

But this first anniversary party isn’t just about the wax, says Kate. She wants to take a moment to thank all the customers who made her dream come true over the past 12 months.

“It just goes without saying, we would not be here if it weren’t for the continued support of our customers,” she says. “It’s pretty incredible. The community we’ve built and people met along the way, many of my clients have turned into friends.”

In addition to celebrating, the party is an opportunity to meet new people and share insight on designs and décor.

“I believe your home is a collection of things you love the most, so it takes time to curate your space,” explains Kate. “You truly need to love the pieces you’re bringing into your homes.”

She says a question she hears often is whether she does interior design consulting in people’s homes.

“The end goal is to consult; it is on the horizon, with many other things, and that will be announced when I’m ready to take that leap.”

In the meantime, Kate says customers can bring photos of their space, and she’s more than happy to offer advice on all things home.

For more information, call 604.223.3741 or email [email protected].