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Customer service key to Tempco’s success

Heating and cooling specialists help homeowners save money

17 years ago, Tye Leishman had an idea to start a local business focused on provid­ing the best customer ser­vice, employing the highest trained technicians and sup­porting the community as a whole.

Tempco, Powell River’s Heating and Cooling Specialists, was born, and the idea has been very success­ful, says Tye, the company’s owner.

“Providing such a high lev­el of professionalism, many customers think Tempco is a franchise,” he adds. “Tempco is 100 per cent locally owned, operated and completely in­dependent, and 100 per cent Powell River.

Tempco has been helping homeowners save money and improve comfort in their homes by upgrading existing heating systems and air conditioning with the installation of high ef­ficient heat pumps, natural gas furnaces and gas fireplaces, including natural gas tankless hot water heaters.

“Whether you are consid­ering upgrading your exist­ing home heating system, having your existing heat­ing system tuned up and inspected or looking to add heat pump/air conditioning for this sum­mer’s heat, Tempco is the number-one trusted choice homeowners have been choosing for over 17 years,” says Tye. “We are the fac­tory authorized special­ists in Powell River for York heating systems, Fujitsu and Samsung high efficient heating and cooling sys­tems, and can provide ex­pert service and repairs to all manufacturers mod­els; if you require service, Tempco is the one to call.”

Tye says he is very proud of the highly trained exper­tise and capability of the team members, includ­ing André Huiberts, Colin Turner, Dean Merrick, Mike D’onofrio, John Rapp, Parker Maclean, Alex Chifan, Alex Southcott, Jeanette Haas, Shannon Thompson, Carly Missio and Chandi Verma.

Tempco HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) techni­cians are expertly trained to handle any heating, air conditioning or commercial refrigeration requirements. Qualifications include Red Seal-certified tradesmen, including refrigeration jour­neymen, electrical journey­men and gas fitters.

“Being an electrical con­tractor enables us to com­plete a variety of jobs from start to finish, without the need to hire subcontractors,” says Tye. “Tempco truly is your one-stop local HVAC shop.”

Shannon, Carly and Chandni are the ones to talk to when customers are in need of ser­vice, he adds.

“We understand having the right people on the job is just as important as choosing the right equipment,” says Tye.

With energy efficiency and rising energy costs on everyone’s mind, Tye says Tempco is proud to offer choices for upgrading exist­ing heating systems with at­tractive homeowner rebates. There has never been a better time to consider investing in your home comfort system to not only lower costs but to provide year round comfort, he adds.

“Most homeowners wouldn’t consider buying a new car without air conditioning, and the great advantage to installing an energy efficient heat pump is you get cool, comfortable air conditioning all summer long.”

Considering the mild west coast climate, Powell River is one of the best locations for an air source heat pump. Tempco offers two types: forced air units, using exist­ing air ducts, and ductless units that can be installed in any home, especially to replace existing costly electric baseboard heaters.

Tempco staff encourages all current and future cus­tomers to drop by for a visit at 7239 Duncan Street, where an operational heat pump is on display as well as infor­mation on all energy efficient products.

“Tempco employees are always happy to provide de­tails on our products and services,” says Tye.

For more information, call 604.4855352, email or go to To cel­ebrate more than 17 years serving Powell River, LIKE Tempco at for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Coastal Cookery.