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inclusion Powell River social enterprise changes lives

Proceeds from Kindred Rebuild store provides jobs

Kindred Rebuild, located at 7030 Alberni Street, is a community-centred charity run by inclusion Powell River that accepts donations of gently used building materials, tools and furniture to sell at affordable prices. All proceeds from sales at the store go toward providing meaningful jobs to people with and without disabilities.

Leni Goggins, a representative from Kindred Rebuild, says the store is not just about selling building materials; it’s a mission-driven social enterprise with a focus on supporting the local social economy in the qathet region.

“The store is for everyone, whether you care about employment, equity, or you just love thrifting,” explains Goggins. “Besides, we are trying to prevent materials from going into the landfill by ensuring there’s one more place for things to go before taking that next step.”

The charity has been selling home improvement materials to those on a budget since November of last year. Goggins is excited to announce that Kindred ReBuild is expanding to a new outdoor area, measuring 40 by 80 feet, that will offer items such as lumber, windows, doors and other building supplies.

Kindred Rebuild collects and refurbishes various household and construction items to make them available at low costs for the community. The not-for-profit accepts construction materials, tools, appliances, lumber, flooring and furniture in good condition, as well as game consoles, gardening equipment, and home décor.

Goggins says people often ask what items the store accepts for donations. Kindred Rebuild focuses on building materials, plumbing supplies and larger furniture pieces — items that are not currently sold at other local second-hand stores.

The team asks that all donated items are clean, unsoiled and in working order with all hardware. Attendants have the right to refuse any donation due to items being overstocked or items that are in an unacceptable condition upon examination, which become a financial burden for inclusion Powell River in the form of disposal fees.

Kindred Rebuild is inviting the public to a series of workshops aimed at engaging the community in discussions about what they would like to see in the store. The first workshop is scheduled for Monday, July 10, with subsequent sessions on July 31 and August 14 from 5 to 7 pm.

The workshops will include free refreshments and participants are encouraged to share their thoughts on the inventory and services they would like to see Kindred Rebuild offer, such as DIY workshops or a focus on antique items.

“It’s to have a conversation about what people want to see from a local rebuild,” says Goggins. “Do they want to see us hosting do-it-yourself workshops? Do they want there to be more antique items? Do they want demonstrations by people who are doing major renovations? We’re trying to find out what the public wants us to do.”

Buying from Kindred Rebuild has many benefits, and keeping money local is one of them.

“You’re keeping money circulating within the local economy, and you’re doing that through your purchasing power through buying items,” explains Goggins. “But then you’re also doing that by making sure people with disabilities have employment in our community, and that reverberates within the community.

“We are employing people with and without disabilities, and that has its own economic multiplier effect in the community, and it keeps money local.”

To arrange for curbside donation pickups or for more information about Kindred Rebuild, contact the store at 604.414.5451.