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Katcher Guidance helps qathet region residents and families with life transitions

“Think of me as the general contractor for your life transitions.” ~ Cheryl Milne 

Reaching out to help family and friends is something Cheryl Milne has been doing for years and now with her new business Katcher Guidance, she is extending that reach.

Always a self-starter for others in her past careers as a dental assistant and in various sales positions, and recently trained as a hypnotherapist, she is now turning that energy and commitment into her entrepreneurial enterprise. 

Katcher Guidance opened its doors on August 16, with an office space located in the same building as Forest Bistro and Lounge on Marine Avenue. 

“I’ve felt so supported by other business people, including my landlord, Forest Bistro owner John Walls,” says Milne. “Suggestions from Impact Signs and use of a flooring cutter from the Fix It, Repair it, Build it Powell River crew have been so helpful.

“When you’re starting a business in Powell River, everyone is excited for you and asks how they can help. I’ve never opened a business anywhere else, but I think that’s unique to Powell River.”

Katcher Guidance helps people and families with life transitions. Milne has been doing that for people for most of her adult life. She’s always been there for friends and family members dealing with the death of a parent, having a spouse diagnosed with dementia or making decisions about major changes in their lives. 

“Sometimes it can be easier to help and see things more clearly when you are not immediately impacted by the situation,” explains Milne.

She has assisted with examination of finances, helping to set up wills and powers of attorney, even making appointments for people to meet with the professionals required to finalize the paperwork.

“I’ve also attended those appointments and taken notes, because sometimes it is difficult to remember everything when you’re trying to absorb it all,” adds Milne.  

She realizes there is a population here where the family support is elsewhere. She can be the conduit between them to ensure the flow of information is smooth and any required actions are undertaken. 

Whether it is the necessity of changing residence due to aging or after the death of a family member, Milne knows how important it is, once there is a decision to move, to make that change happen quickly and efficiently. When people want to downsize or sell their home for any reason, she knows how to work with realtors by decluttering and staging a home for a quick sale and then packing up in preparation for the move.

Katcher Guidance’s main focus is on family caregivers.

“Caregivers are often consumed with caring for others and fail to care for themselves,” says Milne, who has experienced that herself, balancing self-care and caregiving. She hears this frequently from clients and the community as something difficult to achieve.

“It requires balance so they do not burn out or suffer from a lack of self-care,” she adds. “It can be tricky to balance the two.”

Services tailored to specific needs

Milne will tailor her services to each individual and family’s needs, and she wants to work with people on an ongoing basis to manage their life transitions. 

“Think of me as the general contractor for your life transitions,” explains Milne. “We work together to figure out how many hours a month you need to help you manage.” 

Milne has been working with several clients already. She’s looking forward to helping to guide more people and creating business and personal relationships in the qathet region.

“The goal for my business is to support seniors and families, guiding them through life transitions,” she says. “I can provide some relief for caregivers, and help them find joy for themselves as they continue to provide care for their loved ones. When life becomes overwhelming, I’ll be there to help.”

Katcher Guidance is located at Unit 202, 4463 Marine Avenue.  More information can be found at, and Milne can be reached at 604.483.1136 or

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