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Lasting relationships key for 460 Realty Powell River realtor

Katie Indrebo prioritizes transparency and strives to simplify the complexities of the housing market
In her second year as a real estate agent, Katie Indrebo is reshaping the profession by using her understanding of the construction process and leveraging her knowledge of digital platforms to demystify the housing market for her clients.

Katie Indrebo, a REALTOR® with 460 Realty Powell River, is looking to shake things up in the field with her unique perspective and dedication to customer service.

A relative newcomer to the profession, Indrebo has already made strides by leveraging her experiences as a real estate administrator. This position allowed her to observe the intricacies of the trade, including the management of contracts and utilization of subject conditions.

“That administrative experience was invaluable in getting a real-world understanding of how the industry works, which was not necessarily something the coursework could offer,” says Indrebo. “Listening to the realtors in the office, observing their approach, and understanding their work ethic was an enriching experience.”

She brings a unique background, with valuable knowledge in new build construction inherited from her grandfather, a developer and construction veteran of 40 years.

“Being in my second year doesn’t mean I lack the knowledge or dedication,” explains Indrebo. “If anything, I have the time to invest in my clients, to research their questions, and to provide them with the best possible service.

Understanding the value of relationships over making a sale, Indrebo says she looks beyond the transaction to build lasting relationships with her clients. She willingly offers assistance and guidance to potential buyers, even if they do not want to make an immediate purchase.

“First-time homebuyers or those new to the process can ease into it at their own pace without pressure,” she adds. “They can receive monthly market updates, weekly open house updates, and I also offer comparative market analyses for sellers contemplating selling their homes.”

Through her blog and social media, Indrebo strives to simplify the complexities of the housing market, making it accessible to all. Her willingness to go above and beyond shows dedication to her clients beyond making a sale.

Addressing some common misconceptions about the real estate industry, Indrebo emphasizes that realtors are not all the same. Their styles and approaches can differ significantly, and clients need to find a realtor who aligns with their needs.

At a time when public trust in realtors seems to be tested, Indrebo says she is striving to alter this perception. She stresses that realtors are not simply interested in making a quick deal but are focused on building their brand and reputation based on positive client experiences and referrals.

“We don’t just take our commission and go,” she adds. “We often offer client perks, appreciation events and yearly updates.” 

Indrebo wants potential clients to know that the relationship doesn’t end with the transaction.

“Our clients are more than just a ‘one-and-done’ kind of deal. It’s about making a lasting connection and ensuring they’ve felt taken care of during the real estate process.”

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