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Modern builds legacy of quality and innovation on Sunshine Coast

Team of professionals share commitment to excellence
[From left] Matt Denniston, Dan Agius, Gary Dietrich and Jeremy Dietrich.

There is a climate shift coming inside the company of Modern Windows, and it is a positive one.

Modern has been a local manufacturing window company for more than 38 years, and at the forefront of home and building projects that provide the qathet region, Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast with an extensive and comprehensive range of high-quality building products unique to the west coast since 1986.

Dan Agius, the company’s founder, and Gary Dietrich, who partnered in 2000, are thrilled to announce that Jeremy Dietrich and Matt Denniston have joined the partnership and solidified their commitment to the region’s future for many years to come.

This is not an in with the new, out with the old, company announcement. With the management demographic now poised to lead with years of experience, reputation and solid service, Modern is excited for the fresh and top-notch ideas Matt and Jeremy will bring to community and outlying areas. 

“These guys are the future of Modern, and the future of sustainable business and employment for this region,” says Dan. “To be able to move forward together with their education, enthusiasm and unique set of skills is quite frankly thrilling for all involved.”

On that, partner Gary agrees.

“It’s a great refresh and a headfirst into pushing excellence into our company and community,” he says.

Matt and Jeremy have unique backgrounds that have given them the opportunity to go headfirst into continuing innovative service excellence, community engagement and employee resources.

“They are doing an incredible job and the new energy is clearly contagious,” says Dan.

Matt, a former teenage employee, is now an experienced engineer leading the company and factory onto new initiatives and streamlines while creating products of outstanding quality.

Jeremy has a unique inner sense of operational management that he has learned from the ground up, holding several positions within the company. His observations of Dan and his dad since he was a kid have paid off in frame-working the future.

Matt and Jeremy are solid on their vision for the community, in which they are both raising their young families. Both see the benefits of staff retention, training, and new age teamwork. They are poised to deal with up-to-date information on all their products, green initiatives and continually evolving coastal home requirements and needs.

“We have a great website at,” says Matt, “but we also have frontline employees who are extremely knowledgeable and more than happy to help one on one with questions and visions of their customers' needs in person and on the phone.”

In addition to its core offerings, Modern’s catalogue includes a wide range of products and services such as gutters, doors, railings and Duradek. Modern supports the homeowner who takes a hands-on approach, as well as the builders who team with them to construct and renovate homes.

Living in a gorgeous coastal community and loving going to work every day encompasses Matt and Jeremy’s philosophy. With a staff of more than 60 engaged and vital employees, the new partners plan to continue to build on the human resources and talents of their team, and create a winning relationship between team, products, innovations and the always important customer.

As the region continues to grow and evolve, “does Modern do that” is on the minds of many.

“It’s simple,” explains Jeremy. “From 100-plus apartment units to new builds or thought-provoking renovations, we probably do, and we do it here.”

Dan is celebrating 38 years in the business.

“Walking into Modern each day, I am always amazed by every single person who works with me,” he says.

Jeremy and Matt embrace that thought head on, and it is something the new partners agree on.

“We are a company that while having innovation and excellence in products, we are first and foremost a company that looks after our team, and that team will always look after our customer.”