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Motus O Dance Theatre returns to Powell River with collection of commissioned pieces

Show unveils One Hit Wonders
Motus O Dance Theatre
Members of Motus O Dance Theatre go steampunk during one of many numbers in their latest show, One Hit Wonders.

Attendees of a new Motus O Dance Theatre performance might just leave Max Cameron Theatre with a new perspective on life, according to co-artistic director Cynthia Croker. Motus O, which has been in Powell River with several other dance theatre shows in the past, brings its One Hit Wonders show to life on Friday, November 3.

“We really want to create a situation where someone relates to the show in their personal life, and they walk away from the theatre with a different perspective, and hopefully with some growth,” says Croker. “Some of the dance pieces are very poignant and we’re hoping attendees are getting some insight into their lives while watching.”

Croker says the show is a combination of different commissioned pieces the company has produced over the years, including an RCMP-taught musical ride piece using toy hobby horses that includes four Brooks Secondary School drama students.

“A few of our pieces are funny as well,” says Croker, “and it’s always important to laugh, and laugh at yourself, and see the funny side of humanity."

Founded in the small city of Stouffville, Ontario, very close in size to Powell River, by Croker, her husband James and Jack Langenhuizen, Motus O has brought productions such as Christmas Carol, Circus Terrifico, What Kids Think and Perspective here in the past.

Croker says all three co-artistic directors share a similar vision for the company, which uses selective dialogue to complement its dramatic dance pieces. Dialogue is only added when necessary, says Croker.

“Our pieces are very character-driven and sometimes there is spoken word or video, but we really want to use the power of movement to do most of the speaking,” says Croker. “Dance’s power is creating emotion and it’s often communicated better through movement than words.”

Music is also a huge part of dance and One Hit Wonders features an eclectic mix, including the heavier sounds of Nine Inch Nails and Disturbed as well as some of the company’s own original arrangements.

“James and I are huge music fans,” says Croker, “so whatever theme we are trying to create, the music is integral."

Motus O Dance Theatre: One Hit Wonders
When: 7:30 pm, Friday, November 3
Where: Max Cameron Theatre
Price: $24 adults/$12 students