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Polished Dental Hygiene provides relaxed environment in Powell River

Practice accepts new patients

Polished Dental Hygiene is bringing access to dental hygiene services in Powell River for those waiting months for a dental cleaning. It is the first independent dental hygiene practice to open in town.

It’s been less than a month since opening its second location in Powell River. Polished Dental Hygiene is currently accepting new patients.

Owner Bobbie Gill has been practicing dental hygiene for the last 10 years in Vancouver and is a clinical dental hygiene instructor at UBC. She originally opened an office in Vancouver where an associate is taking over. 

“I wanted a work-life balance for my family and I, after my son was born, so we decided to move to Powell River,” says Bobbie. “Our office is extremely COVID safe. I have a separate entrance at the back of the Suncoast Integrated Health building, only one person is scheduled in at a time, I work by myself, and I book extra time between each client.”

A dental exam or referral is not required to book dental hygiene services with Bobbie.

Polished Dental Hygiene is able to provide the same dental cleanings a dental office can provide in a relaxed environment. Free consultations are offered to provide accurate estimates of the cost of treatment. Bobbie provides thorough dental hygiene exams, some of which include medical history assessments, sleep apnea screenings, checking for oral conditions, as well as diagnosing gum disease.

Bobbie used to work with a gum specialist prior to owning Polished Dental Hygiene. She treats gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, and is able to treat, maintain and prevent bleeding gums and bad breath. She also removes tartar and coffee stains.

Bobbie is passionate about educating clients on prevention and she believes that so many dental conditions, such as recession and cavities, can be avoided with the right tools and knowledge. 

“It’s extremely important to have an oral assessment completed, even for clients with dentures that should come in every 12 months or so,” says Bobbie. “Early detection is key.”

In addition to dental cleanings, Bobbie provides in-office whitening. This is a two-hour appointment available after a dental hygiene visit, for appropriate candidates and if discussed ahead of time. 

Polished Dental Hygiene is located within Suncoast Integrated Health at 7061-D Duncan Street. The office is open five days a week, by appointment, and is extremely flexible with bookings. Bobbie does all the scheduling herself and will accommodate early mornings, if needed.

Patients are able to visit Bobbie between regular appointments with their own dentist if they’re waiting to see a dental hygienist, especially now that COVID has caused longer wait times. The office follows the BC Dental Hygiene Fee Guide and is able to direct bill to most insurance companies. Bobbie can check patients’ extended health benefits if provided ahead of time so there are no surprises when it comes to payment.

“I allow my clients to access my clinical notes so that they can keep in communication with their dentist as I believe communication allows for decreased anxiety, better oral health, consistency and an improved dental hygiene experience,” says Bobbie.

Those looking to book an appointment can do so online at For more information, call 604.780.6285 or email

Polished Dental Hygiene can also be found online at and