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Powell River health and fitness coach releases third book

Exercises focus on strength training at home or on the go

At a time when doing more within the confines of home is a necessity, many Powell River residents are adjusting to national, provincial and local restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic by changing the way they do their jobs, shop and exercise.

With the release of her third book, Powell River-based health and fitness coach Karina Inkster has created a new option for the latter.

Resistance Band Workouts: 50 Exercises for Strength Training at Home or On the Go became available on Amazon on May 5.

“The book has 50 different exercises you can do with resistance bands, then it also shows you how to put them together in a way that is going to train all of your muscle groups equally,” explains Karina. “Who would have thought a year ago, which is when we started this project, that the book would come out right when everybody is working out at home.”

Karina has been strength training for about 17 years, using resistance bands along with other equipment.

“They are usually used in combination with other things,” she says. “If you are somebody who goes to the gym and lifts weights, you’ll do moves with kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells and resistance bands just to even it out a little bit.”

A complete workout can be attained by just using the bands, she adds.

“You can definitely get a well-rounded, full body workout just with the resistance bands,” says Karina. “Usually they are used along with bodyweight moves that don’t require any equipment at all.”

Use of resistance bands has been a workout standard since the 1980s, not a trend that has just popped up, but their recent popularity led to a lack of supply for those looking to make a purchase, explains Karina.

“There was a time a few weeks ago that even on Amazon, resistance bands were completely sold out, there was nothing available,” she says. “I’ve never seen that before; everybody is wanting to do the same thing. I feel like now they are making a huge splash because people are saying, ‘I’m stuck at home, how do I maintain my strength?’”

Since most people do not have full gyms in their garages or basements, Karina says this type of training can be more than just a benefit physically, it is also efficient due to space requirements.

“What I like about resistance bands is you can take them anywhere and they are not a huge investment,” she says. “You can use them in the park, you can do a home workout. A lot of my clients take them when they travel, back when they could travel; they do hotel room workouts, for example.”

Karina and her husband have been working out at home since before the pandemic started. She’s met with clients online since 2017, creating workouts for people and following their progress.

“Our day to day is not that different, the business pace hasn’t changed much,” she says. “I had to make a bunch of adjustments because all the gyms closed where my clients were training at. I did a week straight of just programming home workouts for people.”

In addition to, Resistance Band Workouts: 50 Exercises for Strength Training at Home or On the Go will be available in bricks and mortar locations when they reopen.

“I realize our shopping habits are a little bit different now, but it will pretty much be in any bookstore,” says Karina. “I was going to do a book launch event but clearly that is not possible now.”

The book includes advice on choosing between types of bands and safe use practises.

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