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qathet region company offers all your trucking/excavating needs

Matt Boese Enterprises provides residential and commercial services
Matt Boese of Matt Boese Enterprises offers trucking or excavation services to homeowners, contractors and developers in the qathet region.

Matt Boese founded his company, a trucking and excavating business, right here in his hometown.

Matt Boese Enterprises offers land clearing, foundations, retaining walls, driveways and lawn prep for new builds, and existing residential services such as replacement driveways, pool digging and yard grading, as well as addressing water drainage issues.

Boese owns two excavators, a gravel truck and a tri-axle tilt trailer with a 36-foot flat deck. He says he’s equipped to handle all excavating and trucking needs.

The end product can be challenging for clients to picture in his business, especially in residential work, he adds.

Boese says he takes his time with each client to ensure they know their options and provides all the required details so they’ll be comfortable with the process and happy with the result. It is of utmost importance to translate what each customer is looking for into different choices and pricing, so they can find the vision that works best for them and their project, he adds.

“If a client is looking for a specific job to be done, I’ll tell them the pros and cons of the product that they have in mind and offer all the alternatives that I can use for the project, weighing out the benefits and costs of their options.”

Another common residential service he offers is fixing property drainage issues, such as wet spots in yards and muddy, uneven driveways.

“Some homeowners don’t realize they can easily fix these matters,” says Boese. “They are mostly water issues that are not too hard to remedy.”

Before starting his company, Boese worked in the logging industry and transitioned into the excavating and trucking industry.

His logging background works well when clearing land because he has experience working the job from start to finish. He says what makes a good contractor is getting work done in a timely manner, and keeping under budget is a priority.

“I pride myself on being reliable and efficient,” says Boese. “All it takes is one call, and I can deal with the whole project.”

Other services provided by Matt Boese Enterprises are small equipment rentals, post hole auger and scaffolding. For a complete list of rentals, visit

For more information or to book a meeting or an estimate for residential or commercial projects, call Boese at 604.483.8092 or email [email protected].