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Realtor in qathet region offers personalized guidance

Mariah Fedosov shares insights on first-time homeownership and selling/buying homes
Mariah Fedosov, a local realtor passionate about helping first-time homebuyers, reflects on her journey in real estate, emphasizing the importance of building equity through homeownership, and shares her expertise for buying or selling as she resumes her career after maternity leave.

Two years ago, Mariah Fedosov started her real estate business at 460 Realty Powell River, a path that has been both challenging and immensely rewarding. Now, she reflects on her experiences, shared insights for first-time homebuyers and people selling their homes, and her aspirations as she resumes her career following maternity leave.

Mariah admits that her initial years in real estate were more demanding than anticipated.

“It wasn’t just about putting up sales signs,” she says. “It involved a steep learning curve and understanding the intricacies of the market.”

Despite these challenges, she found joy in her career and has grown to appreciate the value of realtors’ services.

Mariah expresses a special passion for assisting first-time purchasers. She bought her first home as a young adult and understands the importance of entering the property market early.

“I bought my first home when I was 19; it is the most important asset I have ever purchased,” she explains. “I don't think I'd have been able to buy the house I’m in now if I hadn't made that decision.”

In discussions with clients, Mariah highlights the long-term benefits of building equity through homeownership compared to renting.

“If you’re able to afford something, don't wait for prices to drop or the interest rate to drop, because that time you spend waiting is time you could be building equity in a home.”

Although costly upfront, she believes owning a home is a valuable investment that can lead to significant financial gains.

“Buying a house is a lot of money upfront, but in the long run, purchasing a house can potentially make you money or help you save up for the next big thing.”

A crucial aspect of her role involves educating clients about the financial dimensions of buying a home. She notes that the biggest hurdle for first-timers is often the down payment and encourages creative solutions such as co-buying with friends to overcome this obstacle.

“Buying a home with a suite is also a great way to help with the costs,” says Mariah. “When I bought my first house eight years ago, so many of my friends were saying, ‘Oh, I'm just gonna wait and see what happens.’ Now houses are five times more expensive than they were when I bought my first house.”

While starting this journey, Mariah wants new homebuyers to be aware of the importance of consulting with mortgage brokers before viewing potential homes to understand budgeting and monthly payments. She also advises clients to be aware of additional costs such as legal fees and insurance, which are often overlooked in the excitement of purchasing a home.

“Sometimes you need to get into that starter home and build some equity. And then you can purchase your dream home, which is what I just did.”

Having lived her entire life in the qathet region, Mariah offers extensive local knowledge to her clients, whether they grew up here or recently relocated from other regions. She says she enjoys sharing the area’s hidden gems with everyone, and introducing newcomers to our community.

“I am also available to work with people looking to sell their home,” she adds.

Returning to work after maternity leave, Mariah is eager to reconnect with the community and build her client base. Her fresh perspective and dedicated approach are assets she brings to her clients, especially as she focuses on nurturing long-term relationships.

Mariah can be contacted by phone at 604.223.9287 or email at