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Rotary Club of Powell River continues good work

Variety of projects benefit from fundraiser efforts
Fundraisers for Rotary Club of Powell River will benefit local and international projects. [From left] Deborah Jenkins, Monica Peckford and Bente Hansen are heading up two of them.

Five lucky people will receive gift cards valued at a total of $2,000 each in the Rotary Club of Powell River’s annual Great Grocery Plus Raffle. Another person will share in a 50/50 draw that could reach a total of $20,000. Monies raised through these gaming funds will be used for Rotary projects within qathet Regional District.

A second fundraiser, under the direction of the club’s international director Bente Hansen, will benefit the Sunshine Coast Rotary Mothers’ School located in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is a puzzle depicting locations from Lund to Langale, designed by local artist Evelyn Kirkaldy. Pre-sale puzzle price is $28, which goes to $35 when pre-sales are over November 13.

“Prices for the Great Grocery Plus Raffle are one ticket for $10, three for $25 and 10 for $75,” says Monica Peckford, fundraising co-director.

There is also an Early Bird cash prize of $1,000, which will be drawn December 9 at noon.

“The second part of the raffle is a 50/50 for which the pot could go as high as $10,000,” explains Deborah Jenkins, who shares fundraising with Monica. “You don’t need to purchase raffle tickets in order to purchase the 50/50.”

She adds that the single ticket for $10 is sold out while the four ticket package for $20, 20 tickets for $50 and 100 for $100 are still available.

“The pot is nearly at $6,000 and we are busy selling so this will go up to the maximum $20,000 with the winner taking $10,000.”

Rotarians will also be out in the community, around their neighbourhoods, selling tickets in person with handheld devices. They also have a table on Fridays at Town Centre mall. Tickets also are available for purchase at the Peak office at 4493 Marine Avenue, next to Duke’s Liquor Store.

“Online tickets are credit and debit only, however, the new invenue devices will take cash and print you a paper ticket,” says Monica.  

Recent projects for Rotary include a new gazebo at Palm Beach and a second one currently being constructed for Van Anda on Texada Island. Among the many Rotary projects are Breakfast with Santa at Powell River Recreation Complex on December 16, qathet Festival of the Performing Arts beginning in February and the annual Bike Safety Rodeo in May.

Recently the Rotary club was the successful bidder for a lease on the former Scout Hall at Timberlane Park.

“This will be a massive project for our club,” says Rotary president Jan Gisborne. “Extensive renovations are necessary to make the building accessible to current standards as well as to upgrade the kitchen and bathroom.”

In addition to using the building, which will be renamed Rotary Hall for its own purposes, the club plans to make it available to other groups in the community that need a reasonably priced place to meet.

“Rotary raises money and then takes on projects that make our community a better place,” says Monica.

While monies raised with lottery funds through BC Gaming all must stay in the community, the Rotary club uses other avenues to raise money for international projects.

One of the larger recent projects is the mothers’ school in Bangladesh supported through Amarok Society. Powell River is one of four clubs on the coast that has taken this on.

Amarok’s motto is: “Teach mothers to teach the world.”

“Each school is comprised of 25 mothers, all of whom teach five children,” explains Bente. “The youngsters, who are among the most vulnerable children in the world, move on to government schools, then universities and college, breaking a long line of family illiteracy. Others then take their place at a mothers’ school.

“The schools also reduce child labour, prostitution and early marriage of girls 10 and 11 years old. The society has changed the lives of many mothers and children. Giving children an education is like opening the treasures of life and also makes them impervious to terrorism.”

Grocery and 50/50 tickets can be purchased online at For buying a puzzle, go to