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Small shop south of Powell River has big dreams

Westerly Studio invites residents to shop locally
Westerly Studio Powell River

Curated beautiful items can be found at Westerly Studio, south of Powell River, and its owner wants to make sure area residents have heard about the small business, and invite them to stop by.

“It’s a little shop out south of town with big dreams and packed full of things you will want, you will drool over and things you will want to gift,” says Nicole Fraser. “I’m always trying my best to find new, different and quality items for customers to enjoy.”

With 2020 being such a weird year for everyone, and the challenges COVID has brought to her business, Nicole says she is glad to inform shoppers that her doors are still open. A huge shop local movement is happening and she wants to share how she shops locally, she adds.

“Owning my own business has brought a new perspective on shopping locally,” she says. “I have felt such support from other business owners in town and I feel the best way to show my respect is to choose to shop at their businesses.”

Nicole says this has changed her habits from buying one product continuously at one business to spreading it out over several businesses that carry or provide the same goods.

“I try my best to find an item I am looking for in town; I am definitely not saying that I do not shop online but making small changes to my shopping habits can make a huge impact in our community,” she adds. “I have met several customers who will take the effort to shop local for an item before turning to shopping online. That has stuck with me and I value that lesson.”

Nicole says she tries to find items for Westerly that are not readily available online, and that are unique and beautiful. The studio features all things customers want to see, touch and be able to take home with them instead of waiting for shipping.

“I don’t offer shipping outside of our small town because it brings me great joy to bring exciting products into our community,” explains Nicole. “I also try not to buy large quantities of items because I like to keep stock fresh and new.”

Customers might regret not grabbing an item when they first see it because it might not be there the next time they visit, she adds.

Westerly Studio is located 10 minutes south of town at 9398 Highway 101.

“I am sometimes asked: why out south?” says Nicole. “It’s a simple answer: I live south and I truly feel that if you come to Westerly for yourself or a gift, you will find it. I also love to hear new suggestions for ideas and new products because I want to bring in things that people will love.” 

Nicole has spent the last two years reinvesting into Westerly, from improvements to boosting stock levels.

“Westerly has evolved and will continue to evolve,” she says. “My goal is to be able to contribute to my family. I want my son to learn that starting, growing and maintaining a business is hard work and I try my best to balance work and family life.”

Nicole says it means a lot to her when someone supports Westerly Studio.

“It doesn’t matter if you ask about the studio, if you pop by to say hello, or if you have a large or small purchase, they all show me your support and I am so thankful to each and every one of you,” she adds. “If you have never been to the studio or it has been awhile, I encourage you to come and check it out. It would mean so much to me and is a great way to show your shop local support.” 

Customers can keep in touch with Nicole and check out new products, store hours, contests or sales by following @westerlystudioshop on Instagram or Facebook.

“During these times customers have appreciated being able to shop through the studio’s social media and be able to pick up their purchases,” explains Nicole. 

For more information, email