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Virtual insurance service enhances options for Powell River area

Waypoint Insurance offers coverage for your home, business, car and so much more

Waypoint Insurance has expanded its service area. While the company may not have a local brick-and-mortar operation, representatives are ready and willing to help virtually with all insurance needs: personal, home, business and auto.

Jennifer Lowrey, manager of personal insurance, says Waypoint has many insurance products and works with more than 200 insurers, which is a great option for those looking to shop for their policy, or for coverage that might not be available here.

Kelly Heide, another personal insurance manager for Waypoint, grew up here, along with broker Monique Giles, who is a current resident.

“We’ve grown up here, so we know the demographic, the area, the homes and the locations,” explains Heide. “We know some of the challenges people have concerning obtaining insurance in the area. We also understand that for Powell River, there are limited options for property insurance, so we just want to let them know that we are an option.”

Heide says not every policy, home or risk fits into a certain little box.

“There are many variables, and clients have been doing all kinds of interesting things with their homes since the COVID-19 pandemic,” she adds. “There are home-based businesses, different types of ventures that they’re undertaking from home that don’t necessarily fit the local providers, so we have an extensive reach for companies and options for them.”

Waypoint hopes to provide diverse insurance options and an understanding of what clients are covered for so they can feel comfortable and confident in the coverage they purchase.

“We want to ensure people have the proper coverage for their most important assets,” says Heide.

Started in the Comox Valley, Waypoint Insurance has been around for 150 years on Vancouver Island and currently employs 275 employees across Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, including a team of 20 in its new business division, ready to take phone calls or virtual meetings.

“We’re super responsive, and we have a wealth of experience on our team,” explains Lowrey. “Many of our team members are longtime brokers; they know what they’re doing. They can look at what’s right for the client and get them the right price and coverage.”

But most of all, Waypoint is looking to be proactively involved here, and become involved in community events.

“I realize that Powell River is a small town with a small-town feel, and the people like local businesses,” says Lowrey. “But that is Waypoint’s whole flavour. We’re very community based all over the island and the Lower Mainland.”

According to Heide, one of the biggest challenges for someone dealing with any kind of company remotely is that there is no physical location to go to when they have a question or concern. With an insurance broker, they may wonder how they’ll get documents signed or make a claim.

“Waypoint has our own in-house claims team and a 24-hour call line in the event that you need to report a loss,” explains Heide. “This team of claims professionals and adjusters will work with you and attend Powell River, ensuring that our clients are looked after.”

All insurance can be done remotely now, according to Lowrey.

“The digital online insurance platform has taken off, however, it’s important for us to have that personal touch that sets us apart,” she says. “We pick up the phone and call you; we do virtual meetings as well and we can do email if that’s preferred.”

Waypoint’s aim is to make purchasing insurance convenient and efficient so clients can get on with their day.

“We would love to help you with all of your insurance needs,” says Lowrey. “We do everything: auto, home, business, farm; I know you will be impressed with our team and our service. Together, we can help protect what you love.”

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