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What’s on tap at Monk’s on Marine?

Owner Megan Steeves highlights Dat Juice citra pale ale, Bob’s Auto Lager and Persephone IPA

Twin Sails’ Dat Juice citra pale ale is an unfiltered pale ale brewed with large amounts of flaked and malted wheat, then heavily hopped with 100 per cent citra hops. It pours a cloudy, pale, straw colour with bright aromatics of grapefruit, pineapple and mango.

“This is a great summer beer that just flies out the door,” says Monks on Marine owner Megan Steeves. “It makes an appearance several times throughout the season as it goes down easily on a warm summer afternoon on the patio.”

The brewery in Port Moody is owned by twin brothers, hence the name.

“It’s part of ‘brewers row’ along with other great choices such as Parkside and Moody Ales,” adds Megan, “which can also be found on tap at Monks on Marine.”

101 Brewing’s Bob’s Auto Lager is a classic German-style lager that is crisp, clean and refreshing. A cool, slow fermentation creates this profile.

“Any lager we put on tap sells extremely well, but I really like this one because the name fits right in with our ‘car garage’ theme,” says Megan. “You’ll find this lager on tap most of the time, but we like to throw in the odd surprise.”

101 Brewing is on Highway 101 in Gibsons; Monks on Marine is on the same highway in Powell River.

Persephone IPA is hop-forward in flavour and medium bodied with big citrus flavours and hints of mango.

“I almost forget it’s seven per cent,” says Megan. “This is one of my favourite beers and it’s almost always on tap here; it can more often than not be found in my fridge at home as well.”

Persephone is also located in Gibsons.

“It’s a pretty special brewery, and one we have been going to for years; it’s half brewery, half farm, maybe even more, and never disappoints. They are extremely sustainable, have great staff, great food, if you catch it, not to mention the atmosphere. I always love sitting on the farm having a beer in the sunshine.”