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Windfall Farm owners have shared passion for sustainability

Farming journey brings dream to reality for qathet region family

Amid lush fields and dense forests sits Windfall Farm, a small family endeavour in the qathet region, deeply rooted in sustainable agriculture and animal welfare principles. Owned by Lisa and Mike Daniels, the farm in Wildwood is committed to producing great food and ensuring its animals' well-being.

Twenty-four years ago, Lisa and her husband, by a stroke of luck, embarked on a life-altering journey by purchasing this 20-acre farm, initially unaware of the profound impact it would have on their lives and the community. Neither she nor her husband had prior farming experience.

"It was a dream, and we just jumped in," recalls Lisa.

Their commitment to farming was not just a venture but a shared passion. Windfall Farm began with poultry and soon delved into garlic cultivation, which is now its primary crop.

"We grow eight varieties of garlic today, and it's the only crop we sell."

Embracing the land's heritage, they also raise beef, pork and, recently, lambs, alongside their staple of chickens. This farm is not just a business; it's a family's legacy. The Daniels, their children and now grandchildren all play a role in its operations.

"It takes the effort and expertise of our three-generation crew here to do what we do every season," explains Lisa.

The owners of Windfall Farm have a deep-seated love for culinary arts that drives the cultivation of premium-quality garlic, which superbly complements their farm-raised chicken, pork, beef and lamb.

"We want to grow the best, cleanest food, and take care of our land for generations," emphasizes Lisa.

She admits that sourcing food directly from farms such as hers requires more consumer effort but insists the payoff is substantial.

"It's about relationship-building with growers," she says.

Customers of Windfall Farm can expect tailor-made services, whether selecting a specific variety of garlic or choosing the size of their poultry. The farm commits to high animal welfare standards, ensuring a nurturing habitat that promotes the health and happiness of the animals, subsequently leading to the production of wholesome food.

"A huge part of this for me is animal welfare,” she adds. “We really want to do the best we can for the animals that make this possible."

Windfall Farm boasts six hard-neck and two soft-neck garlic varieties, available at the farm gate from August onwards. Its chickens, fed certified-organic feed and free to roam grass fields, are processed on-site. Preorders for fresh chickens are available for pickup from May to July.

Range-reared lambs fed certified-organic feed are available by preorder in the fall. Grass-fed beef, supplemented with hay as needed, can be preordered in quarters, halves or whole, available in November.

Range-reared pork-fed certified organic feed is available for preorder from June to December.

Through inviting visitors to experience the realities of small-scale, eco-friendly farming, Windfall Farm seeks to cultivate meaningful and health-promoting connections between individuals and the food they consume.

For anyone interested in learning more about Windfall Farm or arranging a visit to experience their dedication and care firsthand, call or text 604.414.9879 or email [email protected]. More information about the farm, including current pricing, is also available on its website at