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TransLink ‘aware’ of inaccuracies on next-bus digital signs

Why doesn't arriving 'now' always mean 'now'? The current technology is in the testing phase, the transit authority says.

Have you ever felt gaslit by a next-bus sign?

At certain stops across the Lower Mainland, it’s not uncommon to see an expected arrival of “now” on the digital display without a bus in sight. That unreliable functionality has led to a flurry of questions and comments online.

TransLink says it’s aware of some inaccuracies with the “real-time” signs.

“This current technology is still in the testing phase and poses several challenges, including traffic congestion,” a spokesperson said. “Our buses are equipped with GPS to provide vehicle locations, though it doesn’t always give reliable real-time information yet.”

GPS installed on buses was mostly intended for operational purposes, and is in the process of being upgraded to provide more accurate and frequent information, the spokesperson explained.

“TransLink has started a program to upgrade our real-time information across the transit system over the next several years. This includes upgrading some RapidBus information displays this year with better network connectivity – which should help improve accuracy and customer experience.”