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Temperatures rising in qathet region as week progresses

Be prepared at home or before venturing outdoors

The Weatherhood forecast for the week of Monday, May 6, to Friday, May 10, predicts warmer temperatures ahead in the qathet region.

Sunset this evening, May 6, will be at 8:46 pm, with temperatures hovering around eight degrees Celsius. Tuesday, May 7, the daytime temperature is forecast to be 11 degrees. Wednesday, May 8, daytime temperatures are projected to rise to 17 degrees later in the day and Thursday/Friday daytime temperatures could rise to between 18 and 25 degrees.

According to Environment Canada, May 5 to 11 is Emergency Preparedness Week.

"It's about preparation and having a plan in place for when disaster strikes," stated an Environment Canada alert.

There are three steps that can help people feel more prepared: Know the risks specific to the region where they live or are travelling to; make a plan; and get (or make) an emergency kit.

"Stay informed with up-to-date weather forecasts and alerts so you can take action and be ready for what's coming," stated Environment Canada.

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