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Weatherhood forecasts rain for mid-June in qathet region

Weekend daytime temperatures above 10 degrees, evenings still chilly
RAINY WEEKEND: Weatherhood predicts an 86 per cent chance of rain, today Friday, June 14, and a 56 per cent chance of rain on Saturday, June 15. Sunday, June 16, will be overcast. The clouds can be seen forming [above] in the distance near the Westview harbour sea walk.

“June-uary” is still here in the qathet region for the next few days, with a break in showers on Monday, June 17, and Tuesday, June 18.

The Weatherhood forecast indicates that today through Sunday, daily temperatures will be between 14 degrees Celsius and 16 degrees Celsius. Nighttime temperatures are forecast to dip below 10 degrees, still a bit chilly for planting tomato seedlings, as many gardeners were hoping to do this weekend.

Today there is a very low exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays and the air quality index indicates a low risk to health. The wind is blowing at four kilometres an hour. Tonight's sunset is at 9:29 pm and tomorrow's sunrise is at 5:07 am.

At this time of year those who have planted garlic will most likely be harvesting the green edible scapes. For those who haven't planted garlic, farmers will have them available at the Powell River Farmers' Market this weekend.

Blueberry Commons also announced that it has bundles of scapes available at the end of King Avenue in Wildwood. The crew at Blueberry Commons said scapes can be used many different ways, including freshly chopped or used dry by grinding them into the garlic powders.

To check recipes by Victoria-based food writer Eric Akis, go to

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