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Windy times on northern and southern Sunshine Coast

BC feeling below average temperatures in early June, but heat wave expected soon
EARLIER WIND WARNING: For the past few days qathet residents have witnessed a seemingly abandoned, windswept boat floating near Willingdon Beach in Westview. This morning Environment and Climate Change Canada issued a wind warning for the entire Sunshine Coast. Winds were blowing over 40 kilometres an hour last night and this morning, Tuesday, June 4..

Many residents in the qathet region experienced high winds Monday evening and into Tuesday morning.

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) issued a wind warning for the entire Sunshine Coast on Tuesday, June 4, but rescinded the alert earlier this morning. The Weatherhood app indicates that temperatures will hover around 15 degrees Celsius for most of the day today, and will continue to rise through the week, with a possibility of rain showers.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, temperatures will rise above 20 degrees in the daytime and dip below 10 degrees in the evening.

According to ECCC, June 1 marks the first day of meteorological summer. People have been able to enjoy later sunsets this past month with tonight's sunset at 9:22 pm. The summer solstice and subsequent longest day of the year takes place on Thursday, June 20. 

BC has been notably below normal temperatures since mid-May, stated the ECCC, and this cold spell is expected to continue into early June.

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