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From corn to Elvis, these are the top pet costumes for Halloween

Can you guess what the most popular costumes for pets are this year?
These two don't look impressed.

Ghosts, ghouls and goblins — we’ve all been there trying to find a last-minute Halloween costume for ourselves or our children.

But what about our pets? 

A new study suggests Halloween is “shaping” up to be a huge holiday for Canadian pet parents.

The Dog People at Rover surveyed 500 Canadian pet parents and found some really interesting data about what types of costumes furry friends are wearing this year.

When it comes to dressing pets up, 80 per cent of pet parents are planning to do it and over half of the people surveyed plan on bringing their dog trick-or-treating.

Only 16 per cent admit that likes on social media were a top factor when picking the costume and 53 per cent will share the memory on social media. 

If you’re wondering what the most popular themes are this year, half of respondents said their dog’s Halloween costume is related to current events (like viral videos). 

More than one-third have considered a costume inspired by House of the Dragon. Other popular costumes include:

  • British Royal Family
  • Stranger things
  • Elvis
  • Corn
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Top Gun
  • Political figures

A whopping 84 per cent of pet parents claim they already know how their dog reacts to kids in Halloween costumes, 64 per cent say their dog is unbothered by kids in costumes and 20 per cent admit kids in costumes make their dog nervous.