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Google car catches unusual sight in West Vancouver (PHOTOS)

The photos were captured in April of this year

The most recent edition of street views in West Vancouver caught an unusual sight in April.

As the car covered in cameras headed east on Highway 99/1 through the area northwest of Vancouver it captured several shots of a garbage truck with flames pouring from its body, where the garbage is held.

As the Google car goes by you can see a person climbing the side of the truck with a fire extinguisher, no doubt looking to douse the flames. While the flames are very visible coming out of the top of the truck, the truck doesn't appear to be damaged beyond some bubbling of paint near the flames.

It also appears at least a couple of other drivers pulled over to call in the incident and potentially offer help.

Unfortunately, the incident isn't completely captured on camera, and flames can still be seen in the distance as the Google car goes around a bend in the highway.

The photos were captured in April of this year. If you want to find it yourself, it occurred just north of Almondel Court on the eastbound section of the highway.