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Tribunal slashes B.C. strata's $43,362 in owner fines

The strata fined an owner $39,000 for 39 breaches of a short-term accommodation bylaw where RCMP said the residence was a known ‘flop house.'
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B.C.'s Civil Resolution Tribunal has massively slashed a strata's fines against an owner.

B.C.’s Civil Resolution Tribunal has significantly cut the $43,362 in fines a B.C. strata had levied against one of its owners.

The strata said it fined Michael Bakajic for multiple bylaw contraventions, the largest of which was for short-term accommodations, fines he has refused to pay.

The strata went to the tribunal for an order that he pay up, seeking $43,000 as well as $362.25 for extra strata management time to enforce the bylaws and fines.

In a July 20 decision, tribunal member Leah Volkers said that it was likely Bakajic and others were residing there at the time of the infractions for which the strata fined him.

Bakajic alleged that the strata, strata council members and others have ignored, bullied and attacked him, Volker said.

Bakajic claimed a strata council member entered his home unannounced and uninvited, to accuse him and his guests of stealing the strata council member’s bike.

He also claimed the strata has not enforced bylaws against other strata lot owners, including when he has complained.

The biggest fine was $39,000 for 39 breaches of a short-term accommodation bylaw.

“There is only one complaint for this alleged bylaw contravention. It says that the RCMP attended and confirmed that Mr. Bakajic’s strata lot was a known ‘flop house,’” Volker’s decision said.

Volker dismissed $38,000 of that fine.

Bakajic was also fined for hanging sheets in a solarium, harassment, damage to common property, parking contraventions, storage on common property, an unlicensed motorcycle and oil spills, storage in an undesignated area and undue noise between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Ultimately, Volker upheld $4,800 in bylaw fines plus interest and tribunal fees.

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