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City of Powell River fire chief shares importance of removing invasive broom

Lopping prevents spread of seeds, infestation

In an email to qathet region broombusters on May 31, City of Powell River fire chief Terry Peters aksed if anyone can guess where the photos above were taken. Care to venture a guess?

"The interesting thing about this particular broom plant is that it was the only one on the beach, making it a feeder plant!" stated Peters. "This is an interesting topic that we discussed at our last few group cuts when we noticed a few large plants surrounded with multiple small plants that were obviously germinated from those large plants and saturating the area.

"So this shows how important it is to lop those areas that have single or only a few plants so an infestation can be prevented."

Peters said the plant in the photo above would have "no doubt spread rapidly down the beach in only a few short years, but one lop and 18,000 seeds were eliminated and the beach will continue to look great in its natural environment (minus the camper)."

The next group cut takes place at 10 am on Saturday, June 4, on Manson Avenue between Glacier and Field streets in Westview.

"Remember to cut low and leave no stem exposed," said Peters.

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