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New Years baby brings excitement

Miracle of birth glows twice for island family
Kyle Wells

Fiona and Chris Miller’s daughter Penny Angela Miller arrived into the world at 6:26 pm on Sunday, January 1 at Powell River General Hospital with her eyes open, arms flailing and ready to fight the world. At just over seven pounds and about 20 inches tall, Penny is the first baby born in Powell River in 2012. The Millers live on Savary Island nearly year round and said everyone back on the island is already excited to meet what they said will be the Savary baby. Island residents have already coined a nickname for young Penny: Toonie, as she is the Millers’ second daughter.

The Millers greatly appreciate the staff at the hospital for their hard work and said it was special to have had some of the same people deliver Penny who had delivered their daughter Chloe two and a half years earlier.

“I’m a late mum and I never really thought about having kids before now,” said Fiona. “Now I can’t imagine not being a mum. I just absolutely love being a mum. I think having children is miraculous.”

Powell River businesses on this page were generous in providing a warm welcome the new baby and her family.