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Powell River Lawn Bowling Club marks anniversary

Ancient game has been played since city’s beginnings
lawn bowling
ALOHA BOWLS: Edith Holmes bowls during Hawaiian day at Powell River Lawn Bowling Club. Dave Brindle photo

One of Powell River’s oldest sporting clubs shares a connection with many other local clubs and organizations: it was started and owned by the Powell River Company.

The company was asked to build a bowling green in 1919. It agreed and Powell River Lawn Bowling Club officially opened in May 1921 at its current location on Marine Avenue in Townsite. The club celebrates its 95th anniversary this year.

“It was the elite of the company who used to lawn bowl,” said Edith Holmes, president of the club.

Only the men of the company bowled, until the 1930s when the first women joined. The current clubhouse was built in 1955.

With the exception of becoming co-ed, lawn bowling has changed little since its British origins. Evidence exists of lawn bowling being played as far back as the 13th century.

With players dressed in white on a finely mowed and rolling stretch of green grass, lawn bowling, or bowls, invokes an image of a pastime more than a sport.

It also has a reputation of being played mostly by retirees, which, according to Holmes, is not the case.

“It’s not an old person’s game,” said Holmes. “Over in the UK they have juniors playing for world championships in lawn bowling. I believe Vancouver Island has a few teams of juniors. We’ve tried to get juniors at the schools involved because we have them over as part of their physical education.”