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Readers battle for top spot

Grades six and seven on quest for reading supremacy
Readers battle for top spot

Students from grades six and seven across School District 47 battled head-to-head to win the 12th annual Read for the Top competition held recently. As always, Evergreen Theatre rang with the shouts and excitement of audience members and contestants, and teams were cheered on in their quest for reading supremacy.

The competition involved contestants listening to clues and guessing the novels to which the clues refer. Students were asked to read 20 novels assigned to their grade. Hosts barely got out a few words before boards were raised and the judges decided which team could respond first. Competition was stiff and results were close.

This year’s game hosts were Brooks Secondary School students Sam Kazakoff and Lucas Scheffler. Judges, from Oceanview Secondary School, were Vanessa Denis, Kylie Logan, Jamie Bradshaw and Ally LaBree.

The top three winning teams for each grade are are follows:

Grade six: first place Assumption School with Eden Head, Asees Kaur, Ciara Maguire and Hannah Pederson; second place Grief Point Elementary School with Cole Forsythe, Myles Elliott, Bayley Hollingsworth and Tyana Sacree; third place Henderson Elementary School with Maegan Brown, Bailey Orchiston, Eden Stremming and Hailey Kenmuir.

Grade seven: first place Edgehill Elementary School with Clancy Sindlinger, Kyle Shatford, Keegen Gowans and Bradly Anderson; second place Grief Point with Jeremy Hopper, Tim Wriglesworth, Elise Hocking and Allahna Somji; third place Kelly Creek Community School with Cassandra Currie, Brenden Richards, Desiree Young and Brie Kehoe.