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What are a few simple tips to prevent back pain?

Ask an Expert: Dr. Ted Johnson

Stopping back pain before it happens is naturally better than having to be treated for it. There are many tips for preventing back pain. Here are a few:

1. Exercise more. Physical activity, along with its many other benefits, can actually help reduce inflammation in the body.

2. Analyze your desk chair. A chair you spend a lot of time in should have low-back support and be angled at roughly 110 degrees back.

3. Ditch the skinny jeans. Clothing that is too tight can interfere with walking, sitting and bending (I know, I love mine, too!)

4. Don’t sit on stuffed pockets. Carry your wallet in your pants? Remove it from your back pocket before sitting.

5. Carry a briefcase or handbag with an adjustable strap and wear it over your shoulder for better weight distribution.

Ted Johnson is a chiropractor in Powell River who has been practising for 30 years.

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