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Homebound takes on literal meaning for musicians from the qathet region

Twin Kennedy releases EP and single
HOMEBOUND: Twin Kennedy released its newest single, “Homebound”, on September 21 and Homebound EP on October 20. Although local tour dates have been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sisters Carli and Julie Kennedy hope to return home to perform soon.

Two local country music stars, Carli and Julie Kennedy of Twin Kennedy, released their newest single, “Homebound”, in September, and the accompanying EP Homebound on October 20. Both are lyrically and musically reminiscent of where they came from, according to the artists.

Homebound is the title of the album, and obviously has a lot to do with home, which for us is Powell River,” said Carli.

As many residents may remember, the Kennedy sisters got an early start, playing with their family band at any and all qathet region venues and events that would have them, such as the Blackberry Festival and Sea Fair.

“We learned at a young age, this is what we want to do with our lives and what we’re meant to do,” added Carli. “And because we got the chance in our hometown, they give us the opportunity to get up on all kinds of stages, and I feel like it was just such an encouraging way to start.”

Forever their hometown

When they’re home playing for their friends and other folks, Julie said they often go back to their roots, playing fiddle and guitar. The recognizable sound that locals love is one that represents Twin Kennedy’s beginning; it’s the sound of their foundation, their home, she added.

When creating this album, Carli said the music was centred around the instruments they grew up playing country music fiddle tunes to, a sound they fell in love with as young girls and replicated while wearing matching homemade costumes on Powell River stages.

“So, it all started with the guitar and the fiddle and then adding the instruments from there, which is a really special way of recording the album,” said Julie. “I think that makes those instruments come to the forefront, and to us, that sounds like home. So, we hope that when Powell River listens to it, they can hear that inspiration in the music.”

The “Homebound” music video features home video footage of the twins growing up against the backdrop of familiar Powell River scenes, singing with their dad and music lessons.

The album’s first single, “Blindspot”, came out in 2019 with a planned album release right before a huge North American tour ending in Powell River, bringing them homebound. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, many tour dates were delayed.

“It’s been a long time coming to be able to share the music with everyone,” said Julie.

Twin Kennedy will eventually book a show in Powell River, assured Carli, “once we can gather again safely.”

“We’re counting down the days,” said Carli, until they can play at the familiar Max Cameron Theatre.

A new home

The initial spark for the title track came from unexpected inspiration. 

On their way to their new hometown, Nashville, Tennessee, the sisters were driving through North Dakota when they noticed their gas gauge dangerously low, with no open gas stations in sight. A line from the song came to mind.

“I was not impressed,” said Julie. “But then Carli’s like ‘Hey, I can see the lights of Jamestown in the distance…’ she started singing the song, and I was just like, ‘I love it!’”

They finished writing the song in Nashville, a place they now feel bound to.

Carli and Julie are working on building their new homes. Carli was recently engaged, and both sisters are moving into Nashville homes with their partners. But whichever home they’re headed to, Carli said she promises to check the gas gauge.

Video filmed in BC

Twin Kennedy recently held their Nashville City Release Party and Show on October 23. They are planning some live and virtual performances in the coming weeks, along with the video release of a live version of “Homebound”, filmed here in BC and featuring a string quartet.

The duo’s social media handles are all @twinkennedy, for anyone who would like to follow along.