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Candidates ask for votes

Each week, the Powell River Peak, Whistler Question, Squamish Chief and Coast Reporter are asking candidates running in West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country riding in the May 2 federal election a question and reporting on their replies.

Each week, the Powell River Peak, Whistler Question, Squamish Chief and Coast Reporter are asking candidates running in West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country riding in the May 2 federal election a question and reporting on their replies.

The fourth, and last, question is: Why should voters choose you on May 2?

Tunya Audain, Libertarian Party: The future is libertarian. History demonstrates that libertarian principles promote a good life. Limited government: The best government is the least government. Local self-government is far better than large central structures. Big government is unsustainable, prone to debt and corruption. Individual responsibility: Big welfare states create dependencies which undermine personal responsibilities. Democratic freedom: Libertarians are alert to erosion of individual freedoms and are quick to raise the alarm when liberty is threatened. Young, middle aged and seniors should vote Libertarian for the principles of limited, responsible government for a future under which the individual and enterprise thrive best.

Carol-Lee Chapman, Marxist-Leninist Party: We need democratic renewal. Voting for the parties now in the House of Commons won’t get us that. I am proud to represent the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada (MLPC) in this riding. I joined the MLPC in 1998 and have stood for election twice before in 2004 and 2006. My convictions in favour of a workers’ opposition are worthy of support. Finally, a vote for me is a vote for an anti-war government. Just before the last parliament ended, all the parties in the House of Commons voted in favour of war against Libya. Stop the bombing of Libya. Vote Marxist-Leninist.

Allan Holt, Western Block Party: Common sense just isn’t that common anymore. How true. If you believe there is a better way to spend your hard-earned money, protect you and your family against crime, invest in a more secure future in retirement and correct a deeply flawed immigration system then now is the time to make a serious decision. If you are happy with the current state of affairs coming from the East, by all means support the status quo. If not, a vote for common sense would go a long way to cleaning house. Together we can send a message from the West to Ottawa.

Roger Lagassé, Progressive Canadian Party: Vote Roger Lagassé to “Bring Our Troops Home Now,” stop Canada’s bombing, invading and occupying of small foreign countries. Like in Switzerland, Canadian troops should protect our borders, not invade other nations. Troops should be here to help in emergencies like the current prairie floods and the big earthquake scientists expect will hit the coast. Progressive Canadians promise free post-secondary education, as in Scandinavia. We rekindle the dream of Sir John A. MacDonald: a strong, independent country.

Build a high-speed, eco-friendly, low-fare commuter train system to unite Canada coast to coast to coast. Give peace another chance. Vote PC.

Terry Platt, New Democratic Party: For too many elections we, the Canadian public, have been led to believe that only the Liberals or the Conservatives are the way to go. And then, after election day and until the next election, we complain long and loud about how government is run. It is like a sour game of Ping-Pong. This time I am asking people to vote New Democrat. We have a practical and realistic platform that works for the average Canadian and their families, the economy and the environment. Right now, as a candidate, I do not have all the answers to all of the questions, but I do know how to listen and I know how to find out. I know how to work cooperatively with the people in the riding, my neighbours.

Dan Veniez, Liberal Party: Canada must get rid of Stephen Harper and his Conservatives. The best way to do that here is to vote Liberal. Under Harper, we’ve been subjected to five years of lies, deceit, contempt, flip-flops and embarrassment on the world stage. Our country cannot afford that any more. A Liberal government will manage our money intelligently. We will fix pensions for seniors; invest in education and learning; strengthen our health care system; cancel the jets, jails and corporate tax-cut agenda; develop a clean economy; and restore our rightful place in the world. We will renew our democracy and rebuild trust in our national institutions. And this riding will finally have a substantive, experienced and credible voice in the House of Commons.

Brennan Wauters, Green Party: I have accepted the challenge from candidate Roger Lagassé to distribute my personal member of parliament wage in the riding to projects that demonstrate Green Party of Canada values so that my wage matches that of a Canadian soldier. This demonstrates my solidarity with Canadian soldiers in harm’s way and my dedication to Green ideas for a better world. Our political system deserves a moderate and sensible representative willing to personally sacrifice for tangible solutions. The future will be Green because young people see the unwavering need and value of our policies and ideas. For the children, it is time, vote for the future, vote Green.

John Weston, Conservative Party: I want to continue to build on our government’s economic record—generating 480,000 new jobs, six straight quarters of economic growth, the best economy in the Western world. As your member of parliament, I have travelled across every region of this riding. I know the issues and have been working on them until I was interrupted by this election. I live in this riding. I want to continue the momentum we have started, to bring jobs to our communities and keep taxes low so hard-working people can afford to raise their children and care for their families.

The Peak did not receive a response from Doug Hartt, Canadian Action Party.