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Parks and greenspace committee survives

Board rejects recommendation to end mandate

Powell River Regional District’s board has reversed a recommendation that came from its committee of the whole and has spared a committee earmarked for disbanding.

At the February board meeting, directors considered a recommendation from an earlier committee of the whole meeting relating to the phasing out of the Parks and Greenspace Implementation Advisory Committee. The recommendation was that the board terminate the committee because the responsibilities assigned in the January 2012 terms of reference had been achieved.

Sandy McCormick, Electoral Area D director from Texada Island, said having served on that committee, there is a lot of work that is continuing that ought not be interrupted.

“The reason why I say continuing is there has been a draft of an implementation strategy and there are a lot of things that need to be worked out,” she said. “You are getting experts in all areas of parks and green space, from you name it: cyclists to ATVers, to foresters, to hikers. It’s a really valuable source of information for the regional district.

“I would really hate to lose it as a resource that we can make use of.”

McCormick said it’s a lot more difficult to resurrect something than maintain it.

“I think we are sending the wrong message terminating the committee,” she said. “I’m opposed to the recommendation.”

Patrick Brabazon, regional district chair, said he, too, would be voting no. He said there was a suggestion at the committee of the whole that the advisory committee could be reinvented in the future to advise on parks, “but why would you reinvent the wheel? We already have one and it’s working.

“I agree that the terms of reference have not been completed. There is still work to be done and I don’t want to see this bunch disappear.”

CaroleAnn Leishman, City of Powell River director, said she had received correspondence from a committee member who felt the committee’s terms of reference had not been completed. “They still felt they have a lot of work to do.”

Two directors voted in favour of the motion and five voted against so the motion was defeated and the committee remains.