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Powell River Public Library hosts transforming economies speaker

Dr. Amanda Cahill helps chart practical ways to manage economic disruptions, such as the Catalyst Paper Tis'kwat mill permanent curtailment

With the Catalyst Paper Tis'kwat mill officially closing last year, the big question many qathet region residents are wrestling with is: “What’s next?” What can we learn from how other rural communities facing similar challenges are transforming their economies?

A global leader in this field is Dr. Amanda Cahill, founder and CEO of an Australian nonprofit called The Next Economy, according to a media release from Emerge Collab.

Cahill and her team work deeply with local communities to chart practical ways to manage economic disruptions, for example, transitioning away from coal mining, the release stated. Foundational principles of this work are right relations with the local Indigenous peoples, leveraging place-based strengths, finding ways forward that work for everybody, circular economy, low carbon, social justice, biodiversity, and more.

Cahill will visit qathet today (Wednesday, January 24). In a free public talk from 6 to 8 pm (doors open at 5:30 pm) at Powell River Public Library (First Credit Union Room), she will share inspirational stories from communities across Australia and around the globe. She will also shed light on emerging trends to help people explore the opportunities and challenges here.

Cahill is the founder and CEO of an Australian nonprofit called The Next Economy. The focus of her work is to support communities, government, industry and others to develop a more resilient, just and regenerative economy, according to the release. Most of this work involves supporting regional communities in Australia to strengthen their economies by embracing the transition to zero emissions.She has appeared in a number of books and films including the documentary film 2040.

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