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qathet Regional District board briefs

qRD supports construction, endorses subdivision, shower installation, funding application, submits letter, requires report, transportation fun and more ...

Supports construction

qathet Regional District (qRD) board approved construction of the School District 47 Powell Lake outdoor learning centre waterfront enhancement project.

At the August 26 regional board meeting, the board gave consent for the construction of a floating dock facility at the centre. The purpose of this facility is to enhance opportunities for children and people using the facility so they would have better access to the water. The dock will be about 120 square metres in size and it has been designed to accommodate fluctuating levels of the lake.

Endorses subdivision

The board will advise the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure that the qRD supports the proposed 28-lot bare land strata subdivision application for the property at 14445 Sarah Point Road. Subjects are proof of water and sewer servicing on each of the proposed lots from Vancouver Coastal Health, that the applicant pay funds in lieu of park dedication to the qRD, and that the applicant enter into a covenant with the qRD to protect the riparian areas.

Shower installation

The regional board approved an amendment to the 2021 Savary Island fire protection service budget to allocate $25,200 of COVID-19 safe restart grant funding toward the installation of a shower.

Funding application

Staff will be directed to apply for funding from the wood stove exchange program for 2022 and that $10,250 be included in the 2021 solid waste management service budget for advertising, education and awareness and rebate top-ups for the program.

Submitting letter

A letter will be submitted by the board to the Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans and the North Island-Powell River member of parliament expressing support for the Powell River Salmon Society’s work and the need to increase funding that has not increased since 1982.

Report required

The board will direct staff to write a report on the implications and procedures for an alternative approval process for a community recreation centre service on Savary Island.

Lights on

The procedure of leaving lights on through the nighttime hours at the regional district’s maintenance facility is supported by the qRD board. The board will direct staff to contact the concerned neighbour and explain the regional district’s position and limitations.

Transportation fund

Staff have been authorized to submit an application to the rural transit solutions fund under the category of planning and design projects. Grants of up to $50,000 are available under the rural transit solutions fund. According to a staff report, a planning and design grant could enable the qRD to better understand from a financial aspect, and tax implications, what it would cost to operate and maintain an alternative public transportation system. 

Volunteer report

The board will direct staff to investigate the possibility of permitting volunteers to contribute toward volunteer efforts in parks and the cemetery. Staff will report back to the board with policy options.