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School in qathet hosts annual science fair

Students conducted experiments using scientific method

Students, parents, and educators were all smiles at Assumption School's annual science fair that took place in the gym on Thursday, February 22. Classroom and learning support teacher Angela Bennett organized the event that saw over 40 students show off their display boards to classmates, parents and community members. The students used the scientific method, and posed questions such as: "Can I turn an egg into a bouncy ball using an acid?," or "will musicians have a faster recall of instrument sounds than non-musicians?,” and "will I gain more upper body strength if I do 50 pushups for 25 days?"

Some results were easier to come to than others, and some hypotheses were proven correct and some not; all necessary parts of  learning about science. Students who participated in the annual science fair were in grades seven to nine, and most said they enjoyed conducting their experiments, some which took place over over a week. A few experiments required up to 30 human participants and one experiment involving catnip, required feline interaction.

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