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Weekend weather forecast suggests sun with clear skies in qathet

Snowpack data released by the BC climate change survey program
RISING TEMPERATURES: The Weatherhood station located above the Peak office is indicating that temperatures will rise to above 20 degrees Celsius today and could rise to 23 degrees on Saturday. Night time temperatures are forecast to remain under 10 degrees. The photo above was taken at Second Beach, along the Willingdon Beach Trail.

The Weatherhood station at the Peak is indicating that the weekend weather for Friday, May 10, through to Sunday, May 12, will be sunny and warm, with temperatures well above 20 degrees Celsius during the daytime. Folks may be celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday, May 11, by spending time outdoors on qathet region beaches and trails.

BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Snow Survey Program has released snow survey data as of May 1. The data collected is from 90 manual snow courses and 108 automated snow weather stations around the province. 

According to the data, the provincial snowpack is extremely low, averaging 66 per cent of normal across BC.

"Last year, the provincial average was 91 per cent," the report indicated. "The May 1 survey provides insight into possible late

season snow accumulation, the timing of snowmelt onset, and whether melt is early, late or following seasonal patterns."

The survey warned that low snowpack and seasonal runoff forecasts, combined with warm seasonal weather forecasts and lingering impacts from ongoing drought are creating significantly elevated drought hazards for this upcoming spring and summer.

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