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In memoriam: Syd Warris

1927 - 2023

On November 9, 2023, we lost Syd Warris: dad, grandpa, great-grandpa and friend to many.

Syd was born in Rotherham, Yorkshire in 1927 and came to Canada in 1931. As his mother Alice described him, Syd was as “happy as the day is long.” He learned the importance of hard work from her.

Alice raised the boys on her own while Syd's father William spent seven years in a sanitorium being treated for TB because of his time in the trenches during WW1. Under their mother's guidance, the boys gardened and raised their food, canned and preserved together, and their cupboards were always full. Syd loved the summers he spent at Sandy Beach with his brothers Colin, Ken and Charlie.

Syd's working life started at the age of 14 when he went to work for Andy Anderson. He logged for a time and then bought his own fishing boat. He enjoyed fishing off the west coast and cooking on the boat. He sold his boat and began a lengthy career in the mill that provided well for his family.

Syd and Alina got married in 1953. One of the things they said they loved about each other was how much they both cared for their siblings. Syd loved Alina's siblings as dearly as his own.

Syd and Alina moved to Cranberry and raised their three children Eric, Lawrence and Denise. They lost their son Gregory at just two weeks old. Syd loved his kids and had lots of fun with them. Their annual summer camping trips were filled with memories he held dear.

Syd and Alina loved the grandparent chapter of their lives. It started with Danielle, followed by Stefan and then Torger. He always said he didn't need a second childhood because he never finished the first. And that made him the best grandpa a kid could ask for. He was happy to share his time, patiently teach, or just have some fun.

Great-grandchildren Bentley and Brooklyn came later in life. Syd and Brook forged a very important friendship. They needed each other and were adorable together.

Syd was long suffering. He personified love, patience, kindness and goodness. He was always busy and had many hobbies and interests. He loved fishing, camping, gardening, hunting, mechanics and cooking. If he needed to learn something, he would eagerly get a book and teach himself.

His family would like to thank the hospital staff who cared for him and treated him with kindness and patience. Many thanks to his friends, family, and neighbours, who looked out for him, visited him often and brought him treats.

There would never have been enough time in this world to enjoy our sunshine, Syd. He was 96 years old and had extra special mightiness. He loved his Creator and all of creation.

To quote Syd: “We sure need the new system!”

We eagerly await the day we see you again. Love you forever.