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Bridge club presents annual awards

Kari Kuntsi posts most masterpoints over year

Cards were laid on the table recently at Powell River Duplicate Bridge Club’s annual awards evening.

Vivian Thickett, club owner, praised everyone for all their help and support throughout the year. On a sad note, club members remembered Jim Sneddon who passed away unexpectedly on December 24 and Les Bakan who passed away on June 5. Powell River’s annual sectional tournament will be named in memory of Bakan. This year the tournament will be held on September 20 to 22.

In 2012, eight 70 per cent club games were recorded. The biggest game of the year was a 77.18 per cent game posted by Kari Kuntsi and Jack Vlug. Kuntsi was actually involved in four of those 70 per cent games.

Kuntsi earned the most masterpoints throughout the year at more than 53.

The Santokh Sian Senior pairs trophy was donated by Sian in 2010. This year the winners were Kuntsi and Janna Packard.

Mixed pairs champions for 2012 were Kuntsi and Marg Havens.

The Joneson Cup District Charity game winners were Pete Black and Sal Vogrig.

Ladies’ pairs champions were Eva Dobozy and Vivian.

Men’s pairs champions were Dick Sangster and Tony Thickett.

Whitney Memorial Trophy winners were Ben Sills and Doug McCormick.

Two-session open pairs event was won by Sian and Marion Stoodley.

The winning team of four was Gail Fennell, Dave Harper, Scott Glaspey and Terry Stokes.

Attendance award was presented to Rose Andrews.

Rookie of the Year trophy went to Claudine Veran.

Ladies’ Marathon winner was Gail Fennell 57.62 per cent.

Men’s Marathon winner was Harper 60.42 per cent.