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Hiker injures knee, temporarily abandons quest to set record on 180-kilometre trail in Powell River's backcountry

Ron Berezan says he is determined to 'give this another shot' this summer
Ron Berezan will have to wait for his knee to heal before making another attempt to set a Sunshine Coast Trail record.

An attempt to set a record for the unsupported fastest known time of the Sunshine Coast Trail was not completed.

Ron Berezan launched his attempt to set the record on June 4, leaving from Sarah Point, hoping to traverse the 180-kilometre Sunshine Coast Trail in 72 hours. Unsupported meant Berezan would carry all his own gear, food and supplies, and could receive no help or pacing from anyone.

“Sadly, I had a knee injury crop up towards the end of my first day on the trail at the 58-kilometre point that made it impossible for me to continue,” said Berezan. “It was very disappointing because all else was going super well and I had excellent energy and good pacing.

“I am determined to heal up and give this another shot, hopefully in mid-July.”

Berezan was using his walk to help raise funds for Powell River’s Miklat Recovery Society. The intent was to raise $10,000 to help purchase a van for the society. Donations, said Berezan, are closing in on the $8,000 mark.