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Powell River Otago Rugby Club hosts in-team tournament

Seven-a-side format made for some speedy, exciting rugby
CLOSE CONTACT: Otago Rugby Club players participated in a seven-a-side tournament, with all players being from the local club. There were two men’s teams and one women’s team, competing in a round-robin format, with some exciting rugby being demonstrated.

Powell River Otago Rugby Club held a mini, in-team seven-a-side tournament on June 4, with three teams competing in wet spring conditions at Cranberry Field.

Otago coach Jack Beardmore said club members were divided into two men’s teams and one women’s team, with each team getting to play two games.

Game one was the women’s team versus one of the men’s teams.

“I thought the women were a little intimidated in the first half, but then they came together in the second half and played well,” said Beardmore.

The women’s team lost four tries to nil.

The second game was between the two men’s teams.

“It was a hard, contested game with some hard hitting going on out there,” said Beardmore. “There was some good speed shown by the younger players.”

The outcome was four tries to three for the winning team of seven.

“It was a very close game and hotly contested,” added the coach, who refereed the games, which included seven-minute halves.

The last game featured the women and the second men’s team.

“The women played way better in the second game,” said Beardmore. “They were a little more comfortable in what they were doing. They lost by a score of three tries to two.

“Honourable mentions go to Maddie Yule and Sydney Liknes. I thought when Maddie started in the second half, and kicking through, and almost getting the ball, it was great.”

Beardmore said at the end of the day, a player was picked as player of the day, and the honour went to Gabe Dickson. He won an Otago jacket for his efforts on the pitch.

Otago Rugby Club continues to train on Thursday nights at the old JP Dallos field behind the French school. Practice begins at 5:30 pm and everyone is welcome. Beardmore said right now, if he has every guy show up, there are 16 players.

“We’re getting there,” said Beardmore. “To run a side for the whole season, you need a minimum of 22 guys – some say 25. You’re always going to have a few injuries and you’re always going to have some players working, so we need 22 minimum. We’re building towards that.”

At the end of this month, on June 25, Otago players will be travelling to a 10-a-side tournament in Cowichan.

“There’s some really top-notch clubs going there, so it will be interesting to watch our young guys playing at that level,” said Beardmore. “It will be an educational experience for them and they will learn from playing at the tournament. We’ve got 12 guys confirmed for the tournament and we might be able to bring two players from Vancouver who are top-level rugby players. They will be leaders for our players.

“I’m confident, with our speed, that it will work for us, along with the enthusiasm. Our next three practices will be geared for that tournament.”