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Editorial: Now that non-essential travel between Powell River and the Lower Mainland is okay, will the floodgates open?

How have the past 14 months affected the psyche of the general public? Is everyone ready to travel?
A ferry prepares for loading at Langdale Ferry Terminal.

Now that one of Powell River’s two “highways” out of town are open to non-essential and recreational travel, who and how many people are going to take advantage of loosening restrictions that allow comings and goings within the regional zone?

Friends and family on Vancouver Island will have to wait to visit, or be visited, via Westview and Little River terminals until restrictions on travelling between zones are lifted. For the short term, taking a trip within the zone, to the lower Sunshine Coast or Lower Mainland, by way of Saltery Bay-Earls Cove and Langdale-Horseshoe Bay terminals will have to suffice.

Without question, some people were skirting previous provincial health authority guidelines and travelling at will, regardless of essential/non-essential reasons, so for them, nothing is new. They were comfortable taking chances out in the COVID-19 world. As irresponsible as some of those trips were to take, hopefully they remained unscathed and coronavirus free upon their return home.

For those who have been patiently waiting, the ability to connect with people of importance in person is one of the many refreshing reprieves in the BC government’s restart plan. But, how have the past 14 months affected the psyche of the general public?

Is everyone ready to travel? Will the floodgates open or will there be a gentle build up as confidence grows? How many people will wait for the second vaccine shot to become available before planning any excursions, or even opening up their home to visitors? Reactions will vary, as will opinions.

The road to post-pandemic life continues, but with seemingly fewer curves to navigate through.