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Editorial: Police presence a powerful deterrent

RCMP’s CounterAttack program kicked off last weekend
Powell River RCMP detachment.

Impaired driving remains a persistent threat on roads, claiming lives and causing irreversible damage. The RCMP’s CounterAttack program, with its emphasis on rigorous enforcement and public awareness, serves as a powerful deterrent against those who may contemplate getting behind the wheel while impaired.

By deploying sobriety checkpoints and conducting targeted patrols, which started last weekend, police ensure a visible and formidable presence, sending a clear message that impaired driving will not be tolerated. Beyond its immediate impact, the program fosters a culture of responsibility and accountability.

It is imperative for qathet region residents to support and participate in this initiative. By doing so, we collectively reinforce the importance of responsible choices and make strides toward a future where our roads are free from the devastating consequences of impaired driving.

The CounterAttack program is not just an enforcement mechanism; it is a societal pact to prioritize safety, and we must all play our part in upholding it.

Anyone who wonders whether their blood/alcohol level is over the legal limit should not sit behind the steering wheel of a vehicle. Each time a driver increases their blood alcohol concentration level by 0.02 (about a drink an hour for the average adult), the risk of being killed in a single vehicle crash almost doubles.

Before indulging in alcoholic beverages while out celebrating, plan to walk afterward, give the keys to a sober friend, email, call Powell River Taxi at 604.483.3666, or make other arrangements for a safe ride home. Make sure everyone stays safe, whether they celebrate the holiday season or not.

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