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Kicking the Clutter: Seven obstacles that keep you disorganized

Let’s make sure 2023 has more clarity and less clutter

When it comes to keeping your home organized, do you feel disappointed in yourself because you can’t keep up with it?

There are times we can create obstacles in life by using unhelpful language. Here are the seven common organizing roadblocks and how you can easily avoid them.

I like to organize my whole house
Organizing several rooms at the same time can be overwhelming. Sometimes the size of a project will stop you before you even begin.

Getting organized can take time and energy. Take a walk around your home and write down tasks that need to be done. Then decide which are priorities.

Remember, a leaky roof or malfunctioning plumbing has to be a priority over organizing your bedroom.

I don’t know where I start
Many of us ask the same question when we feel the task is too big. Begin with small and manageable baby steps.

I don’t have time
We use time as an excuse to avoid the chores we don’t like. Start with a project that only takes 10 minutes. That progress is better than no progress at all.

The job is too big
Exaggerating the size of the job will lessen your motivation to start it.

Don’t think that you have to start and finish everything in one day. Start one today and continue the next day and day after until you’re done. You’ll be able to accomplish your goals one day at a time.

Get your family involved in the process. For example, every Saturday at 10 am, ask everyone to spend 30 minutes decluttering their stuff and putting things where they belong.

Remember to reward them. Order pizza and watch everyone’s favourite movie.

I love my stuff
There's nothing wrong about being sentimental and loving your things. The question is: Do you like everything in your home with equal passion?

Being attached to belongings can often lead to piles of clutter. This can cause added stress and time loss. Determine which items are most important to you and keep only those.

Donate the remaining items to charity so someone else can use/enjoy them. Before you change your mind, wanting to keep your stuff, get your donations out the door on the same day.

I’m going to fail
If you think you can do it, you can. If you think you cannot, you won’t. Even if you failed before, it doesn’t mean you will fail again.

Arm yourself with new knowledge, a positive attitude and a willingness to try again. Use Nike’s hype and “Just do it.”

Remember that any task you complete is a success.

I can’t afford it
If you do it yourself, then it is only the time and energy you will need. If you hire a professional organizer, consider the cost as an investment in your life. Professional organizers will do hands-on organizing and teach you the skills you need.

Let’s make sure 2023 has more clarity and less clutter.

Life coach Ranka Burzan owns a professional organizing company based in the qathet region and has written several books on reducing clutter and becoming more organized. For information, go to